Kidsglobal® Programs


Kidsglobal® Bilingual Preschool Program is a full-day pre-K to K program based on Singapore's kindergarten framework for young learners from 24mths - 6 years old. 

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Kidsglobal® ESL English for Preschoolers is a beginner's English program that is designed for preschool and kindergarten children learning English as a second language.

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COMING SOON! Kidsglobal® English for Inventors is a program that incorporates STEMIE (STEM + Invention + Entrepreneurship) with English learning. 

Kidsglobal® BabyClub is a parent-accompanied early education program that is designed for toddlers between 18-30mths and their parents. 


BabyClub Move is a parent-child motor skills program that is designed for young toddlers to learn about what their bodies can do through music & movement activities. 

BabyClub Read is a parent-child early reading program that is designed to develop and nurture the love for reading through classic children's tales.

BabyClub Make is a parent-child creativity and fine motor skills program where young toddlers hone their handicraft skills through arts & crafts activities. 

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Kidsglobal® Friends Around the World Summer Program is a fun-filled  enrichment program where children learn about global citizenship by exploring different countries and cultures around the world. 

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