Kidsglobal Explorers is a full curriculum that is designed for children to explore and learn about the world we live in.

Children start off by asking the question "How BIG is our world?" and through exploring the continents and oceans using maps and the globe, they discover and learn about different countries and cultures.

Join our Friends Around the World holiday camps and experience different countries and cultures without leaving home. Check out where they've been here...

Let's GO!

Pack your bags...

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Explorers in Action

Catch our little explorers in action.

Follow them on their journey from China to France, Egypt, Mexico and Japan where they learn about the famous landmarks, enjoy the various cuisine and participate in cultural activities in each of these countries. 

See if you can spot the different modes of transportation that the children built to travel around and watch them pretend-play going through immigration and customs! 

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Where we have been...

Do you know where these places are?


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